How to Get Funding for Sporting Events?


Anyone who has ever run an event knows how costly the whole process can be. The same applies to sports and recreation events. I willingly took part in local sports competitions and had the honor of communicating with the sponsors, so I am here to share with you the secrets of sports event financing.

Event fees

Typically, even if we are talking about a non-profit organization, participation generally requires participants to pay some fees to take part in it. The main thing here is to set the right amount of fees to cover all the running costs.

Public funding

As a rule, the existence of non-profit organizations is closely related to government grants. Governments usually tend to cover the costs of the sport and recreation development as well as salary costs, staging various coaching courses, and building sports facilities. However, if you are a commercial organization, public funding is not your financial option.

Sponsorship and partnership

Sponsorship can be a good way to finance some sporting events. The main condition for sponsorship is usually the exposure of the sponsor's logo on billboards, sports uniforms, websites, etc. In this matter, much depends on the number of participants and media publicity. Organizations that are close to your event's theme can also act as partners.


This way of financing may work if you do not have enough money to cover all the organizing expenses. Before you get event fees, you must have some funds to pay all the running costs. If sponsorship is not your option, you can consider a small loan as a way to cover your expenses and turn it back after getting your event fees.

Membership funds

Membership fees are almost all the income for sporting organizations where people have to pay to be a member. The most popular examples are Health and Fitness centers and Golf clubs. Part of the income received from members can be used to organize various sporting events.