How to Choose The Right Pair of Running Shoes?


Hello everyone, today we will start with the basics. Let's choose the right shoe to go for a run!

The first thing you should know is that not every sports shoe is suitable for running. Keds, for example, will not work, as well as sneakers for basketball, tennis, or walking shoes. Each sport implies a specific load, and it is extremely important for newbies to offset it correctly and not get injured. That is why the right shoes are the item you should pay attention to when it comes to running.

There are shoes designed specifically for running - running shoes and spikes. They reduce the risk of injury and help you achieve good results. There are a few common criteria for good running shoes:

  •  Running shoes (except for some special models) must be cushioned. It should be in the heel part of the sole but also may be in the toe. All manufacturers of quality running shoes indicate the presence and position of cushioning inserts;

  • The sole and upper of the shoe must be flexible and soft in its front part;

  • It's better if the outsole has abrasion resistant rubber pieces. They are usually positioned in the heel and on the outside of the toe of the sneaker, where the main load falls;

  • Running shoes are never made of leather or other poorly breathable materials;

  • Rigid elements must be positioned so as not to contact your leg and rub it;

  • The weight of a pair must not exceed 22 ounces (400 grams.)

When choosing the right pair, you should also consider the heel-forefoot drop, season, surface, type of training, weight, and width of your foot as well. In some cases, you may need qualified assistance to choose the right pair.

The average cost of a good pair of running shoes is about $120-$150. You probably may find a cheaper one, but it will most likely not be good for running. High performance shoes are a thing you shouldn't skimp on. I personally had to take out a loan to buy my first pair of running shoes (god save Topo) because I almost sprained my ankle while running in the wrong one. So you'd better buy the right pair of running shoes before you get injured and have to pay your medical bills. If you're a beginner, you may consider some of these models to start. You can also check out some great tips that make your running life better.